Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a spiritual approach in the sense of "spiritual healing" focusing on the totality of the human soul. If a soul is empowered,
it can blossom and realise its soul plan, where by the body is the expression and home of the soul.
Through traumatic experiences or situations – whether in this or a previous life which we could not cope with at the time – certain aspects of the soul may become "detached" or "lost".

By bringing these aspects of the soul back together...

... feelings of anxiety, fear or deep sadness can be harmonised

... mood swings and lack of concentration can be counteracted

... potentials, talents and abilities can be rediscovered

... life force, liveliness and cheerfulness can be revitalised.

Here I work with the following techniques: 

"Shamanic journey"

Resolving ancestral/family issues, connections, strains, entanglements etc. in fact everything which still has a hold over you but no longer serves your current soul plan.

Duration: approx. 90-120 minutes 

"Journey to the garden of the soul"

Return to an earlier incarnation of the soul.
Duration: approx. 60 minutes  

"Journey to the soul library"

Neutralising and revising outdated programs, patterns and beliefs.
Duration: approx. 60-90 minutes 

"Removing negative external energies and parts of the soul"

Smoothing out body and aura.
Duration: approx. 30-60 minutes, energy work: 60 minutes 80 € 

“Opening and activating the BirthMagnetChakras”

By using the energy method “Opening and activating the BirthMagnetChakras”,
a person’s energy system is flooded with its own original energies, thus
informing the body cells and various aura layers.

The system aligns itself to one’s own life purpose and potentials can be “unlocked” and activated. You can follow your life path with ease and vigour.

It is recommended to spend a time in harmony over the next few days,
to allow time for the energy to consolidate. Supportive, too, are time to recover,
sleep, water and spending time in the open air.

Duration: about approx. 60 - 90 minutes, Fee: 80 € (depending on the time)

"The “healing power” in you”

In this treatment, the body system is “on a journey”. It is flooded with its own power that is present in every human being. The natural self-regulation of the body uses subtle impulses and stimuli to work at the cellular level from "inside out". Taking responsibility for oneself and increasing awareness of oneself is a key part of the treatment. The treatment is as individual as people themselves. Each person is picked up at each individual level where he or she is at the moment, and taken to the place ordained by his or her soul plan.

Duration: approx. 90 minutes; Fee: up to 8-16 years 40 €, 17-20 years 65 €, over 20 years 120 €. The fee for subsequent treatments of people over 20 years of age is based on the time worked, minimum 80 €.

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