Full Body Treatments

Full body treatments with natural
essential oils, gemstones and crystals 

By using different essential oils and/or gemstones and crystals, vibration fields can be better aligned through this type of energy work.  Our different levels are inspired and touched by mindfulness and respect, so that health and lightness can accompany our individual personal development.

"Joy and bliss for children from 0 to 6 years old"

This gentle and loving treatment supports and accompanies new-borns and young children during the first years of their life in areas such as creativity, perception and motor function. It harmonises the different levels of your child. Children are not passive during the treatment but can be involved depending on their mood.
Duration: approx. 30 minutes, Fee: 35 € (depending on the time) 

"Clarity and bliss for children and adolescents up to 16 years old"

This treatment supports children and adolescents in their personal development. The treatment can release them from worries which they often carry around with them unnecessarily or unjustly from other people, even within the family. Such children and adolescents often feel very tired, have difficulty concentrating, are very anxious and shy or emotionally distressed. Latent potentials which exist can be (re-)activated and others encouraged, they are allowed to unfold freely.
Duration: approx. 60 minutes, Fee: 50 € 

"Joy and bliss for adults"

In certain stages and areas of our lives we face a variety of challenges. This balancing, harmonising and gentle treatment helps people through phases of exhaustion, depression, overload or deep sadness. It can be of value to parents particularly mothers during pregnancy and after birth.
The feeling of emotional security can be bolstered at all levels.
Duration: approx. 90 minutes, Fee: 90 €
Young people can benefit from this treatment at a

discount of 30 percent.

"Clarity and bliss for adults"

Each person is unique. This treatment, which can be intense and pleasant, supports the individual striving for wholeness in their personal development. 

Thus the way a person perceives clarity, joy and structure in their life can change. The combination of natural essential oils and gemstones used in the
process addresses different vibration fields in each individual in a variety of ways.
Duration: approx. 60 minutes, Fee: 85 €

"Power of oriental spices"

Persisting in unhealthy behavioural patterns can put a strain on a person at all levels. This treatment can harmonise emotional imbalances such as anger and aggression, support people at
all levels during periods of growth and change, as well as through cleansing processes. Let go of your worries and release them with ease – spontaneity and vitality can return and natural self-regulation be reactivated.
Duration: approx. 60 to 90 minutes, Fee: 75 €

"Raindrop Technique toexpand theSeelenEbene (as from 16-years-old"

The classic application was developed by Dr. Gary Young in combination with the traditional methods of the Lakota Indians. Various methods such as the Vita-Flex technique combined with different hand movements and herbalessential oils are used to promote a feeling of well-being, natural self-regulation of the body as well as the natural digestive functions. The blood circulation of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine, is supported, improving its natural functioning.The expansion of the SeelenEbenecarefully yet powerfullyincreases the effects at the emotional level. In addition a singing bowl is used.

Duration: approx. 120 to 180 minutes, Fee: 95 €

"The Beauty and power of trees" 

Just as a tree strives upwards, this treatment too can provide inner strength and stability, as well as rootedness and an upright posture, in order to free oneself from the agenda of others, build more self-confidence and bolster one's own dignity. It also helps people who feel insecure, who are easily or strongly influenced, or who have the feeling that they cannot achieve anything on their own. Let courage, confidence and healthy self-esteem regain their natural place in your life.
Duration: approx. 120 minutes, Fee: 125 € 

“Empower your SoulPower”

This treatment can be used as a follow-on application to the energy technique “opening and activating the BirthMagnetChakras”. The energy from the coloured rays and innate potentials in a person can be harnessed, especially for “very sensitive and particular children and adults”. The focus is aimed at fulfilling your SoulTask in this life. The energy work, using gemstones and oils, supports the individual (or more precisely the individual’s system) to free them from what is hindering them using this energy cleansing process.

Duration: approx. 120 minutes,
Fee: 5-16 years old 75 €, all people over 16 years old 120 €

"Soul drops – the holy touch"

Immerse yourself in a sense of well-being with gentle vibrations that touch the body, mind and soul. This treatment will help you to redirect your focus towards beauty and bliss. Open yourself up to the energy and strength in your soul. Thus, lightness, joy and pleasure can enrich your life and form a closer bond to your own Soul Level.

Duration: approx. 150 minutes, Fee: 120 € 

“Restoring ‘divine equilibrium’"

Every day, life challenges us in many different ways. When feelings of strain, doubt and uncertainty combine together this can upset your balance. The natural essential oils used help to clear and cleanse us of contaminants of all kinds (both substances and thoughts) at different levels. Deep relaxation so that calming and stabilisation can arise.
Duration: approx. 90 minutes, Fee: 85 

"The power of essential oils"

Absorb this potent mixture of essential flower oils. Gently, the energy field of the cells is stimulated to bring it into balance and harmony.
Take a little time off to soak up nature’s abundance in this "mini-vacation".
Duration: approx. 120 minutes, Fee: 120 € 

"The femininity in you"

Every woman can be herself. This treatment relates to femininity in all its forms and at all levels. Carefully and respectfully, women are guided towards their own personal, individual, healthy femininity. Hereby memories of wounds and transgressions of all kinds can be addressed and harmonised. A feeling of liberation and tranquillity may result.

Duration: approx. 90 minutes, Fee: 100 €

Younger people (girls and young women) can receive this treatment

for a reduced fee of 70 €.

"The masculinity in you"

Every man can be himself. This treatment strengthens the inner bond to our male ancestors who had areas of divine order – to health corresponding to the divine order. Mindful and respectful, men can feel a sense of relaxation, reassurance and ease. A good start for a healthy relationship (including to oneself). In this treatment, all kinds of exceeded limits can be worked on and harmonised.
Duration: approx. 90 minutes, Fee: 100 €
Younger people (young men) can receive this treatment for a reduced fee of 70 €.

"The power to let go"

If you’ve lost something or someone you love, then you can get help letting go of the pain and coping with the grief. This soothing treatment with essential oils and a smoky quartz will accompany and comfort you on all levels and help to reconcile you a bit with your current situation. You can learn to (re)gain more trust in life and come closer to other people. This beneficial treatment is for people over the age of 14. Not suitable for those who are pregnant or currently taking psychotropic drugs.
Duration: approx. 90-120 minutes, Fee: 95 €

"The strength to let go"

Gentle and calming, with respect and attentiveness, this treatment supports the soul of the person, so that everything which is open and still needs to be resolved can be put in order. The transition and farewell can then be filled with joy and composure. The natural oils and stones involved give peace, their weight disappears and bliss may be felt softly and quietly.

Duration: approx. 60 minutes, Fee: 85 € 

Light and shadow 

Every person carries components of light and shadow within themselves which are necessary for one’s inner balance, just as there are positively and negatively charged particles in every atom.

If we are only nice, well-behaved, conforming and efficient, we block out our shadow side.

When we allow our shadow side to set its own boundaries and say "no", so that we feel comfortable and protected, we are showing it acceptance and respect.The shadow side is an important part of the human system and also contributes to healthy living. 

“Integrating the shadow with oils and gemstones”

Many people supress parts of their consciousness with which they cannot (or do not want to) identify. The aim of this full body treatment with essential oils and gemstones is to reintegrate those excluded parts, accept one’s shadow and use it for one’s own good and for the good of everyone else.

Duration: approx. 120 minutes, Fee: 150 €

“Integrating the light with oils and gemstones”

Enlightened, highly resonant parts of the soul are often not so well integrated in our being. These parts are responsible for the orientation towards the source of all being and for the guidance of the soul. The purpose of this full body treatment with essential oils and gemstones is to create a common bond between one’s system and the high resonant parts of the receiving person. These parts revitalise liveliness, simplify processes and foster acceptance and development.

Duration: approx. 120 minutes, Fee: 150 €

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