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The Soul speaks through the body.
(Author unknown)

Healthcare consultant for holistic health 

A healthcare consultant is a so-called free health profession. This field of activity lies outside that of medical science or alternative medicine, focusing rather on advice and methods in the field of preventive healthcare, relaxation, well-being and personal development.

Alternative healthcare professionals see their role as complementing the medical care provided by doctors or alternative medicine practitioners who are usually consulted about specific illnesses. However, I am committed to preserving your health!

I am a member of the German Association of Freelance Healthcare Professions (DBFG / Deutscher Berufsverband für Freie Gesundheitsberufe e.V.):
The DBFG supports its members in their professional careers and contributes to the wide recognition of the freelance healthcare professions and their field of activity in the public eye and in promoting the image of the profession.

Deutscher Bundesverband für Freie Gesundheitsberufe

Areas of health advice

Energy work using the LemBa method

Harmonisation of the energy field through an energy wand, even at the level of a single organ, in combination with the effect of positive emotional messages.

Duration: 60-90 minutes
(depending on the energy required) 

Energising back massage

The back massage is a combination of energy treatment and gentle movements, 

mudras (symbolic hand gestures) and massage oils. 

Duration: 45-60 minutes 

Supporting the lymph flow

Certain areas of the face and body are stimulated by an energising massager 

or chalcedony pens (gemstones).

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Advice in a range of different areas

Acid/alkali balance, water and salt, nutrition, exercise, emotional messages, holistic correlations and effects on our body, personality development.

Duration: as required, energy work: 60 minutes 80€ 

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